Photo: Stuart Gaston

Photo: Stuart Gaston
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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Alder Wetsuit Sponsor

Well stoked on picking up a new deal with Alder wetsuit's! My last wetsuit didn't want to let me out of it most surf's and I ended up having to carry a fork around just to undo the zip!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Newcastle/ Bristol

Photo: Phil Williams/ Finalists 

I hit the road to Tynemouth on thursday evening going up in a friend's show winning van thats fully kited out, listening to the sub booming the whole way I arrived and the waves were pumping on the friday getting some of my best waves Id had all year!
After getting a constant ice cream headache to get out the back on Saturday I was in the final and ended up being my worst heat over all but finishing 4th in the pro junior.
On the way back we stopped in Bristol for a monday night out to finish off.
Hoping to do some filming this week too as it's looking good.... :)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Me winning a new board!

I won this sick Adams board as Most Improved surfer of the XPY 3* pro junior event!:)

Friday, 1 October 2010

Fraserburgh Event, Scotland brrr

I headed to the Contest, in Scotland at midday on Friday driving up in my van.  I got to Fraserburgh at 1.30 in the morning, after a 13 hour drive! and 10 coffee's later! It was my first time surfing in Scotland and  with the waves being bad didn't really help with it being -500 degrees. 

Van/ Home/Transport

Getting some practice in now for the North East Event and can't wait to get up there a couple days before and surf some mental point's and slab's up around there. Possibly heading to France in a couple of day's so will hopefully get some waves down there! I'm 7th on the Pro Junior and 15th in the Open at the moment so Im trying to improve on that at the next comp.... :)

Oakley XPY 3* Pro Junior

Woo hoo the Oakley XPY 3* Pro Junior was on the 18th-19th of September.  Being the biggest Junior  comp ever seen in the UK, with all the Junior surfers there hoping to win the £1000 first prize, with a £3250 in the prize purse!

The waves started out shockingly small on the Saturday,gradually getting bigger into Sunday and eventually the final having some good waves!

I had some ok waves in my heats, getting through to the Final and coming 4th overall winning a cheque to pay off my entry fees and some alloy wheels I have just got!

I won a new Adams surfboard for the Most Improved Surfer of the Event too stoked!:)
Photo: Clintons